1788-L Smashes World Debut at Brownies and Lemonade

1788-L Smashes World Debut at Brownies and Lemonade

It was 8:45pm, and the line outside the 1720 Warehouse wrapped around 4 city blocks.  The secret location was revealed day of and the snaking line only added to the hype. It was safe to say, not all of us would make it in (s/o Brandon Dermer for the plug).

The famed warehouse responsible for countless live shows and film sets such as Panic at the Disco’s music video “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” was about to be annihilated.  Brownies and Lemonade was about to add 1788-L to their list of world debuts.  They’re like the OB-GYNs of EDM.

It must’ve been 95 degrees inside while Chandler Riggs aka Eclipse aka “Carl” from The Walking Dead, got the crowed hyped for 1788-L’s debut.  We were all anxious to put a face to the soul snatching tracks 1788’s growing following knew him for.  His Virtual Self “Particle Arts” remix put him on our radar, his original track “Pulsar/Beam” gave nods to Porter Robinson’s Fresh Static Snow, but his live show convinced us that 1788-L is here to stay.

See clips from 1788-L’s world debut show below and don’t miss 1788-L with REZZ at The Shrine on November 23rd & 24th on her “Certain Kind of Magic Tour”.

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